Interested in using herbs to fight depression and general moodiness? Herbs have been used for centuries for their health and medicinal properties. Tinctures are far more potent and effective than capsules and inhaling is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to absorb a substance into your body. These blends can be added to your favorite e-liquid or beverage.

Each herb in tincture form has the research that supports its effectiveness. Please read the information carefully and make your own informed choice!

Note: These products are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of importance or effectiveness.



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Zen Herbal Blend
Want to bash your partner over the head for looking at you funny? Have the sudden urge to use your car as an assult weapon?!  OMG!  You're scaring the Goat an...
Blues be Gone Herbal Blend
Does it feel like all the good things in life are happening to someone else? Have you retreated to a corner and are now curled up in a fetal position because it seems ...
Bacopa Tincture
Goat Notes: Alzheimer's Disease - evidence that it helps preserve memory and protects against loss of brain cell function Brain - helps preserve and...
Basil Tincture
Goat Notes: Joint Pain - taken orally, Basil reduced joint swelling by up to 73% within 24 hours Arthritis - inhibits inflammatory processes Brain...
Chamomile Tincture
Goat Notes: Mood - calms and eases stress and anxiety Attention deficit disorder - has positive effect Generalized anxiety disorder - mild to mode...
Ginko Biloba Tincture
Goat Notes:  Cancer - has preventative effects on cancer cells Brain - improves thinking, reasoning and other mental processes Alzheimer&...
Gotu Kola Tincture
Goat Notes: Arthritis - Protects against arthritis Heart - Protects against heart attacks Brain & Mood - improves mental function and mood, and prot...
Green Tea Tincture
Goat Notes: Smokers - reduced risk of lung cancer Brain - may increase mental performance and alertness as well as mood. May protect against Parkinson's d...
Holy Basil (Tulsi) Tincture
Goat Notes: Central Nervous System - reduces damage associated with free radicals and radiation Pain relief - shares characteristics with COX-2 inhibitor pain...
Hops Tincture
Goat Notes: Insomnia - improves sleep quality Mood and PMS symptoms - helps improve Weight control - helped reduce obesity and manage weight i...
Lavender Tincture
Goat Notes: Headaches - relieves headaches and eases stress Depression and Generalized anxiety disorder - effective therapy for mild to moderate levels ...
Lemon Balm Tincture
Goat Notes: Sleeplessness - along with other herbs helps reduce stress and promote sleep Mood - improved mood and significantly increased calmness and alertne...
Maca Tincture
Goat Notes: Brain - reduced anxiety and depression, and increased energy Sexual - improved sexual desire and function in postmenopausal women. Increased ...
Sage Tincture
Goat Notes: High Cholesterol - sage lowered the cholesterol levels and increased the good cholesterol without any negative side effects Brain - effective in h...
Skullcap Tincture
Goat Notes: Anxiety and Mood - reduced anxiety significantly in research subjects Diabetes and high blood pressure - evidence that it might reduce symptoms - ...
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